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Ahmed ali riaz malik has placed himself amongst the list of most sought after entrepreneurs in the Pakistan and whilst he is also the CEO of the famous Bahria town, he has took the firm to bigger horizons in the past few years. even though he is been inherited with great values and business acumen form his father and renowned Real estate mogul Malik riaz hussain , he has made his own place as one of the most futuristic businessmen in the country with a soft spot for all the underprivileged people around.

A CEO, billionaire, Young entrepreneur and one of the most renowned Philanthropists, who strongly believes in the service of the humanity, with all his heart and soul!

Education and Professional life

He born in the year 1978 in Rawalpindi and right from his childhood, he ws passionate about the constructions business and usually accompanied his father to many of their projects in the same process. When he first witnessed all those skyscrapers and tall buildings in Dubai, he promised himself that he will bring all this development one day to his own country. Ahmed ali riaz completed his schooling from the Beacon house school in 1999 and right after finishing down with his education, he joined his father in their Real estate business. It’s worth mentioning here that his father is the 7th richest person in Pakistan whilst being the chairman and founder of the famous Bahria town pvt. Ltd.

If we talk about his journey to the top, he started it all form the scratch even after being the son to the top most businessmen in the country .He started working as a procurement manager in the sales and marketing department of the Bahria town firm and got promoted to the post of project manager in 2005 out of all the hard work and efforts he shown in the process. That was the real push to his journey with the firm and he went on to manage most of their big projects in the coming years. Eventually, after all the hardcore efforts and dedication, Ali ahmed riaz finally became the CEO of the Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd in 2007. It was mainly due to his business acumen and thorough knowledge about the industry; he took Bahria town to bigger heights whilst making it a USD$ 1 billion company.

Personal life of Ali ahmed riaz

Ali Riaz Malik born to Malik riaz hussain and he got a sister also in their family. After making it big in the family business, he got married to Mubashra Ali Malik in the year 2003.Mubashra ali malik , was born in the year 1983 and came from a family of owners of sugar refineries in the country. After tying knots with Ali ahmed riaz hussain, she got indulged in all of the Philanthropic activities of the Bahria town. One of her famous contributions came in the Dastarkhwans ran by Bahria town which generally serves daily meals to over 150,000 underprivileged people within the country twice a day.

Projects managed and supervised by Ali ahmed Riaz at Bahria town

Ali Riaz Malik has been the big hand behind most of the projects of the Bahria town in the recent times. Whilst he has lend his industry knowledge and business acumen to almost every project under Bahria town flagship, his biggest achievement came as the inception of “Pakistan’s first ever Island city” .The Blueprint for the same got agreed under an agreement with the famous US real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer in the year 2013. The agreement laid a bigger step in the direction of overall development and construction of the Bundle and Bodha islands within the Karachi city.

It was under his vision only that Bahria town is making it big with a number of key projects like DHA Smart city Islamabad, Bin alam city Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad, bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Rawalpindi and Bahria town Lahore. Apart from all these projects, his teamois working day and night to build up the third biggest Masjid in Pakistan at the Bahria town Karachi , that will also be accommodating a sports city, Golf city and Paradise precincts in its vicinity. This can said to be a landmark achievement in the history of Pakistan and Bahria town and Ali ahmed riaz are giving it their all in the process.

Ahmed Ali Riaz
Ahmed Ali Riaz
Malik Ali Riaz
Ali Riaz Malik Son of Malik Riaz

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  1. Mohd Ibrahim September 18, 2019 Reply

    Ali ahmed riaz has taken this country to new horizons with all the business acumen and future

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    Thank you ali riaz malik sir for these amazing facilities and lifestyle at the bahria town

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